What’s a superyacht?

Buying a large yacht is not for everyone. In fact, only about 200,000 privileged people in the world can buy a superyacht, as they are often real floating palaces. Here's everything you need to know to help you distinguish these very special boats.

Yacht and boat: the main differences

The differences between a yacht and a boat lie in the length, purpose and cost of the boat, but it should be noted that they sometimes overlap. A boat is a vessel used for entertainment, commercial or residential purposes, whereas a yacht is primarily dedicated to entertainment and often carries a sense of luxury. A boat does not exceed 197 feet from bow to stern. A yacht, on the other hand, is generally more than 9 metres if it is luxurious enough. However, even a small boat can be called a yacht. A boat longer than 197 feet can also be used for recreational, commercial or residential purposes if it has a high level of modern comfort. Also, depending on its length, it can be steam or motorized. A recreational vessel over 150 feet is called a superyacht. It can be up to 400 feet long.

Robust hull: a special feature

The superyachts like those available at prestige-yachts.com/ are designed to travel across the world's oceans, especially in remote areas such as the polar zones. Therefore, its hull must be solid, made of steel or aluminium. Aluminum is stronger when hit by an iceberg, as this material will warp rather than crack like steel. In terms of weight and performance, better navigation and lower fuel consumption are also preferred at higher speeds. In other words, it can withstand ice.

Superyacht: large storage space

When exploring different sailing areas, a variety of superyachts must be well equipped: tenders, helicopters, submarines, seaplanes ... Ulysse is 107.4 m long because it can accommodate six motorcycles, two quads, a landing craft and the amphibious dinghy in its garage, so it fits this definition very well. Not forgetting that it is a 21 m long yacht supporting a catamaran, which can reach a speed of 50 knots and is built on the foredeck using a specially developed crane.
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