Top 5 largest megayachts in the world

Megayachts or superyachts are huge private luxury yachts of disproportionate proportions, meticulously designed lines, large decks and dedicated crews. These constructions are floating palaces for the rich. They represent a true universe of their own, where one can have fun.

The pleasures of a megayacht

Real floating homes, the size of the megayachts, the power delivered by a motorboat, as well as the numerous facilities and activities on board, offer maximum comfort and entertainment to the residents. It is ideal in terms of comfort, they give them the opportunity to unfold in a relaxing and luxurious setting at sea. You can visit if you are interested in learning more about motorboats. A dream cruise that awakens new sensations and allows you to enjoy life: discover the world, live with serenity and enjoy the moment.

Megayachts in vogue

A glance at the world's largest megayachts: the "Azzam", at 180 metres long, is the fastest boat in the world with a tank that can hold 1 million litres of fuel. The "Eclipse", with a length of 163 meters, looks more like a cruise ship because of its equipment. The "Dubai", which is 162 metres long, was built for Mohammed ben Rachid Al Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai. The "Dilbar", which is 156 metres long, is the largest motorboat in the world. And the motorboat yacht "AL SAID", is an imposing 155-metre steel ship.

The most remarkable features of a megayacht

On the one hand, megayatches are not as luxurious and sumptuous in appearance as their characteristics are. Thanks to the use of rare materials for visual seduction, the interior frame has been crafted with passion and meticulous attention to detail. And unlike powerboats, they are larger in size and cost tens of millions of Euros or even more. These vessels are feats of conception, design and engineering. They are the result of the efforts of thousands of people who are experts in the field. They are equipped with a heliport, a movie theatre, a concert hall, a disco, a gym, a bakery, a spa, a retractable roof swimming pool, a sauna and several annexes. The largest yachts built lately even take into account respect for the environment, and are equipped with a water treatment system.
The annual maintenance costs of a superyacht
What’s a superyacht?

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