The annual maintenance costs of a superyacht

Without question, having a superyacht is far from being within everyone’s reach. Indeed, to obtain this famous precious gem, hundreds of millions of dollars are needed. But there is not only its price! The annual maintenance of a superyacht also…

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Top 5 largest megayachts in the world

Megayachts or superyachts are huge private luxury yachts of disproportionate proportions, meticulously designed lines, large decks and dedicated crews. These constructions are floating palaces for the rich. They represent a true universe of their own, where one can have fun….

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What’s a superyacht?

Buying a large yacht is not for everyone. In fact, only about 200,000 privileged people in the world can buy a superyacht, as they are often real floating palaces. Here’s everything you need to know to help you distinguish these…

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Top 10 owners of the most expensive yachts in the world

If personalities rush to buy at least one yacht, it is because it is a true sign of wealth. Being the proud owner of a luxury boat adds a certain distinction and elegance to your qualities. Moreover, the yacht is…

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Who owns superyachts?

Moored in various ports around the world, superyachts are the stuff of dreams. Magnificent, luxurious, grandiose… so many adjectives are used to describe these boats, from the Mediterranean coast to other parts of the world. But who do they belong…

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How much does a superyacht cost?

You dream of going on holiday and you don’t know which means of transport to take. Since you were a child, you’ve also dreamed of going around the world. So why not buy a superyacht for an adventure between the…

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