How much does a superyacht cost?

You dream of going on holiday and you don't know which means of transport to take. Since you were a child, you've also dreamed of going around the world. So why not buy a superyacht for an adventure between the waves? Buying a yacht is not for everyone. Because on the yacht market you can find a multitude of yachts that differ in price and also in functionality.

Superyacht: how much does it cost?

Having a superyacht can determine your class of standing. Having such a boat among your assets allows you to feel financially in relation to others. But how much does a superyacht cost? A superyacht is like your Ferrari in your garage, it is expensive, but also needs systematic maintenance to keep it running. Its price therefore varies according to the manufacturer, the place where the parts are assembled and above all its optional functionality such as the installation of a swimming pool or also the air conditioning of the rooms. Thus a superyacht varies from one million to about twenty million euros for simple superyachts, and about a hundred million dollars for the most luxurious ones. This price range is due to the luxury details that come with your future yacht such as a fully equipped galley, all the luxury in your yacht. This price also varies according to the quality of your yacht, whether it is a used or new boat. A website to find out the price of a superyacht will be offered to you.

The characteristics of a superyacht

Apart from the very high purchase price, a superyacht also requires a lot of maintenance and especially mechanical overhauls of the engine, but also maintenance of the electrical equipment of your boat. Depending on the size of your boat, you also need to hire a captain to drive your yacht, but if you have a suitable licence then you can drive it yourself. You also need to recruit a crew for your boat such as cleaning agents, captain... Like any machine that runs, the boat also has taxes and insurance to pay. And they depend on the size of your superyacht.

Luxury superyachts and their characteristics

As a luxury yacht, you have the Heesen 44m visible on the Mediterranean on the south side of France, the Mangusta 165 visible on the Alpes Maritimes, the Leopard 46m visible in the Var, the Guy Couach on the Alpes Maritimes. These different superyachts cost about ten million euros. And they are characterized by very modern equipment and sophisticated details. But as luxury yachts, you also have the Al Mirqab costing almost 250 million dollars, the Dilbar composed of several suites costing 256 million dollars, and the Al Said with a large capacity, at 300 million dollars.
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