Yachts & Maintenance

What is a boat fairing and what does it consist of?

For your information, the boat’s refit is one of the crucial steps in the maintenance of this craft. Generally, this is done approximately every year. This operation consists of caulking the boat’s sailboat as well as its engine. In other…

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Protect your yacht by putting it in winter storage

The warm weather and another sailing season have come to an end. It is now time to winterize your yacht so that it appears in boat shape once spring arrives. Winter can be brutal even in temperate states. As a…

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What is yacht charter management?

Yacht charter management is a popular option to minimize your investment costs. Its principles work in favour of the buyer by taking into account the possible constraints. You will have the opportunity to choose among several types of programs. You…

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Use quality products for your yacht

Maintaining a yacht can take time. It is essential that you have the right products to avoid unpleasant surprises. Your choice of cleaning products may depend on the material your yacht is made of. On the internet, you will be…

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Your yacht: signs of bad maintenance

A yacht has always been considered the symbol of wealth. Not everyone will have the chance to afford such luxury. A person who owns this kind of boat is classified as a member of the upper class. However, it is…

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