What is a boat fairing and what does it consist of?

Published on : 18 August 20203 min reading time

For your information, the boat’s refit is one of the crucial steps in the maintenance of this craft. Generally, this is done approximately every year. This operation consists of caulking the boat’s sailboat as well as its engine. In other words, a complete cleaning of the boat’s hull and the application of a few coats of antifouling.

Zoom on the boat’s fairing

All in all, the boat refit is an essential step in cleaning the entire boat. Ideally, this should be done in the spring, just before the boat is launched. Since the boat’s hull is subject to many underwater stresses, it deserves special attention. Marine elements such as molluscs, numerous shells and green algae can become embedded in the hull. This phenomenon can prevent the proper functioning of the craft. To get rid of them, it is strongly recommended to carry out the fairing accompanied by an antifouling. This last solution makes it possible to effectively eliminate these algae and shells. Admittedly, its action is far from being permanent, you should know that these shells only tarnish the state of the hull. It should be noted that if the hull loses its quality, it also loses its potential. The main purpose of a boat’s hull is generally to improve its lifespan while maintaining its condition as it was in the past.

How do you clean the hull properly?

The first step you need to take when refitting your boat is to clean the hull. Of course, the boat must be kept out of the water. This will give you the opportunity to clean the hull in a specific area. The objective is to clean the outside surface of the boat and remove the antifouling layers and shells that no longer hold. At this stage, you can use a high-pressure cleaner. If necessary, plan a scraping operation after the boat’s fairing operation. A sanding stroke can be useful in case the surface is not flat.

Proceed to the preparation of the live artwork

After completing the first step, now think about welcoming your new antifouling. Before you rush, try to plan the areas to be painted. If you want to achieve an aesthetic effect for easy handling, opting for classic paint is a good idea. To give you a helping hand, please delimit the area to be painted.

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