Who owns superyachts?

Moored in various ports around the world, superyachts are the stuff of dreams. Magnificent, luxurious, grandiose... so many adjectives are used to describe these boats, from the Mediterranean coast to other parts of the world. But who do they belong to?


Among the superyacht owners in the world, businessmen reign over the top 5. In first place is Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge R√łkke with the REV Ocean. At 183m in length, the REV Ocean is now the largest superyacht in the world. Launched in 2019 to clean up the oceans, it is equipped with various facilities for studying the marine environment: laboratories, sonar systems, a submarine... The superyacht Eclipse is in third place. Belonging to the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovitch, this ship measures 162.5 m and can accommodate 70 crew members and 40 passengers. Named "Yacht of the Year" in 2011, it offers various activities: a cinema, a sauna, an art gallery... All protected by anti-missile and anti-paparazzi systems, as well as bulletproof portholes. With a length of 156 m, the Diblar is the fifth largest yacht in the world. The ship belongs to the Russian billionaire Alisher Ousmanov. It can accommodate 40 guests and 80 crew members.

Leaders from the Middle East

On the other hand, Middle Eastern superyacht owners are more represented in the top 10. After the REV Ocean, it is indeed the "AZZAM" of the President of the United Arab Emirates Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyane who is in second place. With a length of 180 m, she once held the record for the largest superyacht in the world. Then the yacht named "Dubai" came in fourth place. It belongs to the current Emir of Dubai Mohammed bin Rachid Al Maktoum. The 162-metre superyacht can accommodate a total of 115 people. It is equipped with a swimming pool, a heliport that can accommodate a 9.5 t helicopter, as well as numerous VIP suites. The Al Said ship of the former Sultan of Oman Qaboos Ibn Said is in sixth place with a length of 155m. On the other hand, the ships Prince Abdulaziz (of the King of Saudi Arabia) and Topaz (of Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi) share seventh place with a length of 147m.

Celebrities from different fields

In the list of superyacht owners, we also find director Steven Spielberg who is the owner of the Seven Seas. The luxurious vessel is 86 m long and can accommodate 12 guests. In addition, there is also the novelist J. K. Rowling, owner of the Amphitrite, a 47.6 m yacht. It was named after the god of the sea in Greek mythology, Poseidon.
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