Catamaran cruising: the trend of the moment

It's summer! It's the perfect time to enjoy all the water activities. Catamaran cruising has become a trend so why not do it this season?

An exotic moment on a catamaran

Cruising on a catamaran is a trendy and original idea to enjoy your holidays with friends or family. The catamaran is very fashionable because of its size and stability. Indeed, it is very practical because there is enough space and if you have a bit of vertigo, its stability is really an asset. Unlike a monohull, it almost always stays at the same level and doesn't tilt. As you don't have to deal with gravity as with the movements of a boat, the cruise will be less exhausting. Moreover, a catamaran does not require a large amount of water underneath. It is therefore more practical than other boats to discover places that are not deep. Another advantage of this type of boat is that there is no risk of rolling if you spend a night on it.

New destinations for your cruise

An example of an ideal destination for a catamaran cruise is Corsica. You can admire Ajaccio and the Sanguinaires Islands. During your nautical visit, you can also see the Calanques de Piana and make a stopover in Girolata then discover the Scandola, Galéria and Calvi reserve. You can also enjoy a cruise to Belle-Ile or the Glénan, the Gulf of Morbihan, the island of Houat, South Brittany, the Lavezzi islands, Provence, Saint-Tropez, the island of Brittany, the Agriates, departing from La Rochelle, etc. You can live these moments with your family, lovers or friends. The cruises can be done in one day or for a few days.

A catamaran cruise is popular and affordable.

Another advantage of cruising on a catamaran is the price, which is within everyone's reach. You can live a moment of happiness with your loved ones from 30 euros. Of course, everything depends on the duration of the excursion and the destination. What is certain is that you can have fun and make your little ones live an unforgettable moment, especially by taking them on a catamaran cruise. Make your reservations online well in advance. Yes, it doesn't take much to be happy!
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