Cruising on an unmanned yacht: what are the conditions?

Published on : 18 August 20202 min reading time

You’re about to set sail, you’re about to make your long-standing project come true: cruising aboard a yacht, just you and your family. However, you know that there are conditions that you must meet before you set sail. What are these conditions? How is an unmanned cruise organized? Here’s everything you need to know about an unmanned yacht cruise.

Choosing your yacht first

Obviously, the first condition that must be met for your cruise to go as you wish, is to choose the right yacht. Since you are going to be making a trip without a skipper or captain, make sure that your boat is the best. To make everything perfect, make sure you take the yacht that will make you feel at home throughout the cruise. Choose a yacht that has your own private island, your second home for you and your family. To do this, entrust yourself to manufacturers and dealers specialized in private navigation who are the only ones who can provide you with luxury yachts, or high-class yachts, worthy of a cruise. If you want to get a clear idea of what a well-known luxury yachts manufacturer can offer you, you can visit

Licences and permits

Concerning formalities and regulations, there are a few points to be respected before starting your cruise on an unmanned yacht. To begin with, you must hold a sailing licence or a navigation permit recognised by the local authorities. Otherwise, an application for a certificate of competency must be made to the port authorities. Your experience as a sailor can be substantiated by a sailing CV for certain destinations. Don’t forget to check and confirm the requirements of your destination before embarking.

Pre-departure briefing and debriefing

There are some important things to check on board luxury yachts before you leave, including the various systems and equipment on board (cooking system, anchoring system, refrigeration system, etc.), shower and safety equipment, engines, VHF radio and other communication equipment. These are just about the main conditions that must be taken into account, and finally, to conclude, it is also very advisable to take out travel insurance. This subscription will protect you from being refused a refund following a cancellation, in the event that you leave on board a rental yacht.

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