Crewed charter for a yacht cruise

Do you dream of going on a cruise to a dream destination? Do you want to get away from it all, without worrying about driving the yacht or the path to take? The solution is to rent a yacht with a crew.

Why rent a yacht with a crew?

To live a beautiful and unforgettable experience, there is nothing like discovering the seas with a yacht. Whether it is for lovers, friends or family, it is an opportunity to enjoy a quality sea trip. Yacht charter with crew is a top-of-the-range service. The advantage of renting a yacht with the crew already on board is that it can take you wherever you want, according to your mood and your desires. If a beach seems too crowded for your taste, you can immediately embark and leave for other horizons. The captain will be attentive and can show you several places in one day.

Rent a yacht with crew for a professional cruise

Crewed yacht charter is not yet a widespread practice, but it is very effective in impressing your customers. Why not sublimate your staff by taking them aboard a sublime yacht for a short ride? To celebrate a transaction, the signing of a contract or the completion of a project, there is nothing like renting a yacht with a crew to relax and enjoy the soothing calm of the sea. The boat's crew will bend over backwards to satisfy your needs.

A few tips before renting a yacht

There are a few things you should know before embarking on a crewed yacht charter. At the moment, the yacht charter industry, also known as charter, has grown considerably. Many companies are at your disposal to offer you the best possible choice of boats. The first thing you need to know is how many guests you will have on board. For a couple's trip, the ideal would be to choose a yacht with large cabins. On the contrary, if it's for a family trip, especially with children, you should rather turn to boats that offer several cabins. If each cabin could contain bunk beds, that would be perfect. It should be noted that maritime law only allows a maximum of 12 people on board. You also have to choose which type of charter you want to rent: a sailing or a motor charter. Sailing is very much appreciated by amateurs because it allows you to commune with nature. For those who like to go faster, the motor yacht is more suitable.
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