Yachting and scuba diving are leisure activities

Scuba diving is a leisure activity accessible to everyone: children, adults and even seniors, everyone can get into it! Do you want to start scuba diving and become a deep-sea explorer? But you hesitate to take the plunge and dive into the unknown? Here we give you reasons and ideas that should persuade you to take the plunge and set off on new underwater adventures!

Scuba diving and private luxury yacht cruises

Taking a private cruise aboard a luxury yacht has several undeniable advantages.

Luxury yachts give you an indescribable feeling of comfort, plenty of privacy and autonomy that classic cruise boats sometimes fail to offer. For a luxurious and truly memorable yacht charter, all you have to do is opting for a luxury yacht like the ones you can find on www.prestige-yachts.com for instance, in addition to an appropriate and safe destination. There are many spots that are perfect for a luxury trip, both in terms of infrastructure and sailing conditions.

Reasons to start diving

A trip to a tropical island can be an opportunity to discover the underwater world with a first dive. We often find the same hesitations about diving: fear of breathing underwater, fear of the depth, fear of panic. However, once the first apprehensions are overcome, diving has many advantages, discover them on croisieres-plongees.com.

New landscapes

New landscapes

Underwater, you will find sandy bottoms, rocks, coral reefs but also canyons, peaks and caves. The flora ranges from the simplest of green algae to the most colourful soft corals, with a wide range of shapes and colours.

Adventures and fun

To throw yourself into the water, figuratively and literally, is to leave one’s comfort zone to explore a new place, a new environment under the water. There are many different types of diving: each with its own set of adventures!

Relaxing diving

Relaxing diving

Breathing slowly and deeply is the basis of relaxation. If you have a hard blow, you calm yourself by breathing quietly and slowly. We understand that spending an hour underwater listening to each of his breaths allows us to be relaxed.

Diving atmosphere

Diving atmosphere

Becoming a diver is like being accepted in a club that is a bit “private”. Indeed, communicating underwater requires learning a specific sign language. This way, you and your diving friends can give you signs that only divers understand.

Sea creatures

From the largest and most impressive underwater creatures such as turtles, manta rays or sharks, to the tiniest such as nudibranchs, underwater encounters are rich and varied. The fauna and flora vary greatly from one end of the planet to the other.

Passionate sport

Recreational diving is a sport without any competition. It is a kind of underwater excursion. It is a sport of sharing, which is practiced only exceptionally alone and almost always with a pair or even a whole group of divers.

Fitness and physical exercise

A hobby, yes, but a sport too! Diving is a sport which, like most sports activities, brings benefits to your body.

It is estimated that 45 minutes of diving will burn between 450 and 550 calories depending on the diving conditions. This is similar to riding a bicycle at medium effort or running at low speed over the same amount of time. The “swimming” movement, on the other hand, allows you to build up your thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles and thus refine your waist.

Rewarding job opportunities

When we think “job in diving” we quickly think Divemaster, instructors or dive center managers. However, there are also other opportunities to work in the diving world.

Diving is for many a hobby but not only… A lot of jobs arise from this activity and it is quite possible to consider a career in the diving world.

Whether in the fields of sports, management, business, science, research, in a civil or semi-private setting, it is possible to work in the world of scuba diving.

Scuba diving: a physical activity against cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases

Like any endurance sport activity, scuba diving in an excellent diving spot helps to develop and strengthen the cardio-respiratory system. It reduces blood pressure and heart rate. The regular practice of this exciting activity will be beneficial to optimize the power and efficiency of the heart.